Tuesday, 30 May 2017

CHALLENGE: 7 days - $500 - buy swap and sell can it be done?

Since getting a lot of things out with my mental health team I am finding a little more motivation (hence 2 blog posts in 2 days!), I have set myself a challenge, I have 2 days off work, I am going through EVERYTHING and tossing what we don't use, read and wear. Well not tossing (unless it is worthy of tossing!) everything will be listed on buy swap sell in an effort to raise $500 in 7 days.

I'll give you a bit of a back story as to why I want $500 in a short space of time, recently my husband and I have been working on our relationship and if you've ever followed this blog or my page you'll know it has been fragile for a while. We have talked and made some serious commitments to both change our ways, work together as a team instead of against each other.

Rewind to February just after I got back from the UK - that's another post I need to write about! Back on topic, the husband and I made our most expensive purchase yet as a couple. We bought "Flic"

My husband has been a truck driver since we met 11 years ago, more specifically he has been a furniture removalist ever since I met him and in that first week of meeting spoke of his dreams to own his own truck and his own removals company. Something financially we never imagined possible though. Until now.

So we had Flic and couldn't afford a trailer yet so he has been doing some haulage work while we save and we have just put our name down for a trailer! It is a bit of a scary world as we have never had finance or repayments of this kind ever but we are committed to making it work. With my business knowledge, his experience in the industry I know we can make this work.

Back to my $500, to 100% secure this trailer we need a $2000 deposit within 7 days, by the time hubby gets paid for the week we will have that but we also have a fuel bill so I am trying to relieve a little pressure.

Some of you maybe thinking right now, why are we doing this? Why put extra pressure on ourselves financially like this? Well I'll tell you! To form a successful business you have to put money, time and effort in to reap the reward, this has been my husbands goal for over 11 years, we are building a future for our children, when we are up and running we will be in a position to buy a house which we couldn't do before, my husband can be home more eventually (not in the beginning stages) so although the start is tough, the result will be more than worth it.

I'll be sure to do some updates on how the buy swap challenge goes!

Monday, 29 May 2017

Calling out Juice Plus etc reps - my mental health is NOT your invitation

Brace yourselves this is a rant post, also I do just want to say before I get going that this is NOT directed at all reps or the company themselves, I am sure there are thousands of fantastic reps and that the products are great.
So here is where my rant begins, I make my mental health no secret, I believe in ending the stigma, I believe I have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of and that those around me are more able to communicate better with me or even help me if they know what is going on and how I am feeling.

Today I had a counselling appointment that was quite confronting, talking about rape and the death of my children. I made a Facebook post that following this appointment I was feeling fragile and ordering pizza for dinner. Those that know me or even follow my blog or page know we eat healthy most of the time.

So this is where I got a message (probably a meaning well message) asking if I had thought about joining or using the products from Juice Plus, I replied saying I knew a few family members who did it but it is something I am not interested in, the response to this was about mental health and how I can reduce or eliminate my medication from using the products and that my (mostly) clean eating doesn't help my body like these products will. 

Firstly borderline personality disorder and bipolar have no cure, they can be managed yes but not cured, I also don't appreciate being a target for cold marketing because I have these conditions. It is just like approaching an overweight person and saying hey here's my weight loss products - you just shouldn't do it!

Good for you that you have a business that you want to do well but this is NOT the right approach. Bringing my mental health into it will not make me want to buy your products, in fact it will do just the opposite. Talk about the benefits sure, do not make me a target!